Market Access in Germany and AMNOG reform needs

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hope you are getting ready for the summer.. just came across an interesting post on the GKV Spitzenverband website. A latest study from the Technical University of Berlin demonstrates the fastest (even after AMNOG) and broadest access to medicines occurs in Germany as compared to other EU countries (well, it´s nothing really new). This comes at a "cost" with highest pharmaceutical prices being paid in Germany (we also knew that). The study has a lot of good sources such as the times to access after EMA approval (many of you in the industry get this question all the time from management), approaches to pricing in the different EU countries as well as the reference baskets etc...

The interesting part comes further down in the GKV press release. Prof Busse (check out his slides) suggests that pricing is related to the benefit provided in each subgroup. Something economists welcome as it it would allow for differential and indication specific pricing better linking value achieved to pricing potential. The pessimists would obviously say that it further increases pressure but in my view that would be the right direction and for really innovative and beak through therapies provides opportunity.

Reform needs are seen with AMNOG, measures such as retrospective rebates are suggested in the presentation from v. Stackelberg (GKV SV) from month 7 onwards of the benefit assessment process. He makes a fair statement in saying with "retrospective price setting premium pricing is still possible for top products, but no excessive pricing for drugs without additional benefit".

Let's see what is cooking out in Germany. Happy Summer Holidays ;)

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