"No hour" week...

Hi All,

today a post a little off our topic here but most important. Patti from healtheconomics.com posted this link, which I find very interesting. Its about flexibility in your daily working considering our times of modern technology and connectivity. It just hit it right on the head, I remember working in big corporate headquarters occasionally sitting around in endless meetings where some of them appeared to be dictated to beating time or because they were in some sort of agenda or somebodies annual objectives... there is only so much to say in endless weekly market access meetings when your product is still 3 years away, is there..?

So this article was refreshing, indeed within pharma we need a mindset like that, treat people like adults and work on the important stuff with focus, passion and dedication and cut out the dead wood. Go for a round of mountain bike to start the day and do something right later in the office rather than pester people around the globe with the x update of the update at 7 a clock in the morning.

The other topic is remote working, motivated and dedicated workers will perform well weather they sit an office or on their terrace at home - at this level childish control is counterproductive. Yet I was surprised to hear when Yahoo's new CEO decided to ban remote working. Most ridiculous, at least in my view, was the argument that best ideas and solution come from the talks in the floor around the coffee machine. A phrase that is totally overused and as I believe also fundamentally wrong. What people do at such encounters is engage in latest company gossip.. Best ideas come from motivated, happy, engaged and well rewarded employees that can identify themselves with their company and products and are treated in a way that allow them to flourish professionally, shift their work around their style, e.g. no use to force a night owl at 7am in the office etc..

I like and already live that concept and, yes, it does work very well but so far mostly in smaller companies although a very few of the bigger ones are already further ahead as well.

Have a nice day