Market Access Seminar in Spain: "Access to market for new drugs. Present and future in our country." 5 and 6 November. Madrid

PORIB is organizing a conference entitled "Market access of new drugs" to be held on 5 and 6 November 2009, in Madrid. The workshop objectives are to review the current status of the criteria and procedures in this area and to determine who will decide the market access of new drugs in different segments. Besides, health key issues for decision makers will be assessed. These seminars are aimed at professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Authorities staff or decision makers of the National Autonomous Health System.

Here the link to the program.


100 Best Blogs for economics students

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I received the below article from the administrator of the site and thought that would be interesting to all - especially the students among of you.

"As an economics student, you have access to a great wealth of information online. One of the best places to find information online is in blogs, such as economics blogs written by educators, experts, and self-proclaimed know it alls. Here, you’ll find the 100 best blogs for economics students to read."



UK to consult on automatic generic substitution

01 September 2009

James Mills

The UK department of health is planning to hold a public consultation in the autumn on the automatic substitution of generics for branded drugs at pharmacy level.

Automatic generic substitution was included as a theme in the renegotiation of the pharmaceutical price regulation scheme (PPRS) between the department and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry last year. Automatic substitution was to be introduced in January 2010, subject to consultation.

Norgine is campaigning against automatic substitution and funded a report that draws attention to potential risks ( scripnews.com, July 17th, 2009). An online petition on the UK government's number10.gov.uk website has collected almost 8,700 signatures.

The department of health says: "This a complex issue with many interested stakeholders. We want to make sure we engage with all stakeholders in the best way possible and we therefore intend to formally consult in the autumn on our proposals for implementation."

Source: Scripnews