Risk sharing workshop @ ISPOR

Dear All,

back from Paris we just wanted to thank all participants for the very positive feedback on our workshop. People really liked the practical approach and the comprehensiveness of the issues to be considered when thinking of setting up a Risk Share agreement. We are also writing up a manuscript and I will keep you posted on its publication. As Oliviers' bag got lost during travel we did not have handouts at the presentation therefore please feel free to drop me a line and I will forward you a copy of the slides.

Best wishes


European Court of Justice on tiered pricing for pharmaceuticals

The highest court in Europe stood with the pharmaceutical manufacturers. The ECJs decision is related to a case filed by GSK, but this is important for the whole industry in dealing with the issue of parallel-trade. In the late 90's GlaxoSmithKline introduced differentiated prices with Spanish wholesalers according to whether they resold the products in question in Spain or other EU countries. The European Commission initially ruled that was a no-no, due to violation of antitrust rules. This week, the ECJ now upheld in large parts an earlier judgment of the European Court of First Instance and found that such an agreement - although in principle a breach of EU Competition law rules - may be subject to an exemption considering the potential wider benefits to economy, society and research, in particular on innovation.

Click hereto read the ECJ statement.