Oncologists critizise cancer drug pricing in the US

Dear All,

a recent paper in Blood sharply criticizes the pharmaceutical industry for the prices of cancer (CML) drugs. I am a little surprised that they have started to hinge the debate so much on Gleevec maker Novartis Oncology. Among all the newer cancer drugs that is certainly not at all an example of over pricing, considering the tremendous benefits that this drug has brought to CML patients. Its pricing, especially compared to other cancer drugs nowadays was actually rather modest. In addition, in Europe (already in some markets) and the US it is available off patent soon. (Net) Price increases have certainly not happened in Europe and the cited US increase surprises me as well as we know net pricing is a different story. Anyhow, they do have a point however on other occasions and it is therefore important to move away from the price per pill concept and discuss and establish innovative pricing models that meet the interest of all stakeholders involved, especially those that are linking the financials closer to the actual benefits delivered over time.


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