Pharma job security in 2013

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just came across this from Luc De Langhe, nice analysis.
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  1. Go to Switzerland  -  Each year some pharma companies move HQs (or at least a part of it) to Switzerland for tax reasons. Even if you lose your job there, you will have plenty of opportunity because this trend will go on for a while.
  2. Join a company with a healthy portfolio across all life cycle stages - Your best choice is a company with at least 2 promising compounds in phase 3 for diseases with a high unmet medical need, and with no blockbuster drug approaching its patent cliff.
  3. Beware of single-drug companies - Relying on the future sales of one single drug is quite risky in today’s market, with economies that are forced to make tough choices when deciding which new medicines to reimburse. If, however, it is a life-saving drug or one that dramatically increase the QALYs of treated patients vs. the current gold standard, it is worth going for it.
  4. Select a company where top management understands what is going on in the market. All too often I hear that good ideas and plans are blocked by marketing executives higher up in the hierarchy who still think pharmaceuticals can be launched the way they did it.
  5. Take a job in a function that the pharma industry is currently investing in: business development, licensing, market access, digital marketing, marketing of mature/established brands, emerging markets, etc.
  6. Last but not least: equip yourself with the new competencies that pharma companies need in today’s tough business environment. C.E.L.forpharma’s course topics (see below) address those needs and offer a unique opportunity to get face-to-face training by internationally acclaimed experts.
You have my very best regards and Season’s greetings – I hope that C.E.L.forpharma may contribute to your success in 2013!
Luc De Langhe
Co-founder and Managing Director

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