France debating ITR (Index Thérapeutique Relatif)

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The French HAS, with its representative Jean-Luc Harousseau, outlined at a recent meeting (12. Sep) organized by nile-consulting the move towards the ITR system replacing the ASMR in 2013. The new Index Thérapeutique Relatif, if implemented would be similar to the German system, mainly based on efficacy criteria in a comparative fashion (head to head) consisting of 5 categories:
Each category will be linked to certain rules regarding price.
ITR inférieur (lower): no reimbursement
ITR identique (similar) : lower price
ITR bénéfice minime (marginal benefit): same price
ITR bénéfice moyen (moderate benefit) : price negotiated
ITR bénéfice majeur (major benefir) : European price
For ITR moyen (moderate) and majeur (major) a medico-economic evaluation will be required, initially as a flash report with a full assessment 2-3 years later.
Early dialogue is encouraged in order to establish the right comparator for development programs.
Please find below an interesting transcript and the Q&A session with Jean-Luc Harousseau, in French only. Currently ITR is not yet included in the financial law but at a pilot stage. 

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MArS said...

The (potential) new French ITR system looks like a mix of the former French system, AMNOG in Germany and the Dutch system (with their re-submissions after 3 years with a full PE analysis).
Will be interesting to see how this would really be implemented in France.
Another interesting implementation question is probably who will and should assess those PE analysis in France? The academic education would then also start to build the basis of French health economists...