Prices negotiated in Germany most likely are not going to be confidential after all

Dear All,

further to my previous post on the confidentiality of prices in Germany after IQWIG assessment it seems that an agreement of confidentiality could not be reached and it looks like that rebate prices are being published.
If that is the case profound implication on European prices can be expected through external price referencing.
Here is a link to a presentation I gave on the topic


JF Grenier said...

Great presentation!
Thanks Ulf.
Unless you are sure to get a clearly positive assessment, the high price strategy seemes to be a mid-term losing one. Delaying launch in Germany is no better... short-term & long-term.
For good (not great) products, right pricing from strat may be the preferred approach.
But what is right pricing?
JF at PharmExpand

Geoff Wilson said...

Hi Ulf, I'm interested in your presentation but access was denied. Could you please send a copy to me @ geoffrey.wilson@ge.com
Many thanks, Geoff

ustaginnus@hotmail.com said...

thanks JF I agree its not easy ;)