First Global HE, Pricing and Market Access compensation and benefits survey closing soon...


I would like to remind you to check out the salary survey.. so far with the joint effort of Patti from healtheconomics.com and I we have hit the 200 responder mark today! It will be quite some work to shuffle through the data therefeore I would like to close that survey by the end of July in order to do some stats and writing up of the top line results during the upcoming travels in August.. so who has not participated, or has but has not yet encouraged friends and colleagues, please do so - it is of course entirely anonymous.

Here the initial post with the link to the survey again.

Many thanks and happy holidays to those already somewhere at the beach or in the montains.



Anonymous said...

will the results be released soon?

ustaginnus@hotmail.com said...

yes i just did the final edits and will publish it by the end of this week, many thanks for participating and your patience