International Healthcare Payers & HTA Summit

Managing a Limited Budget for Expensive Medicines Whilst Encouraging Innovation
Conference Dates: 16th & 17th March, 2011
Venue: Berlin, Germany

This meeting will provide an ideal opportunity for “payers” and other decision makers from both public and private organisations, to benchmark with peers internationally. Attendees will be able to understand and develop best practice approaches to such vital and common challenges, with the ultimate goal of encouraging innovation and improving patient access to novel and powerful medications.

Payers/HTAs/Insurers — Why attend?
• Benchmark and network with payers, HTAs, insurers, health departments from around the world who are facing the same challenges: restricted budgets, limited evidence, the need to find savings and pressure to increase health outcomes without massive budget impact.
• Understand the latest developments and methodologies to improve HTA to enable smarter, faster decision making on innovative drugs.
• Find out other ways to cut costs, such as improving prescriber guidance and incentives, enhancing patient adherence to avoid wastage and raise outcomes.
• Work out how to improve communication with the pharma industry and improve pre and post approval scientific guidance, to obtain the most-relevant, accurate data that you need to help you make the right decisions.
• Have your say! Be part of a personal, interactive environment and the chance to help lead the debate on issues crucial to the future healthcare and patient access.
• Gain an insight into the future of HTA and regulatory harmonization at the local, national, regional and global levels, and discover what could be the models of the future.
• Learn why the global drug development, pricing and reimbursement systems are unsustainable and put forward your ideas in terms of possible solutions.

Who will benefit?
PRIMARILY: Senior representatives from health plans & insurers, payers, health technology assessors, hospital financial management, government & health ministry officials, health management and managed care organizations.
STAKEHOLDERS: Regulatory agencies, key-opinion-leaders, independent health economists and academics, physicians, patient groups and other key stakeholders.
INDUSTRY: A strictly limited number of senior pharmaceutical industry representatives.

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