Risk sharing a strong topic @ ISPOR Paris Fall 2009

Dear All,

first of all there will be a little bit of slow posting due to the summer season. I am finally on vaccation myself however I thought I post a quick note on the ISPOR agenda in Paris later this year ... A friend of mine, Olivier, and I will run a workshop on the Risk Sharing topic but there are many other sessions on the matter as well that very lately became of paramount importance to many payers and manufacturers, especially within the oncology business. Therefore we are looking foreward to an insightful ISPOR conference again since the usual cost-effectiveness topics started to become a little boring lately ;)

Topics around risk sharing at ISPOR:

- Plenary session (with G de Pouvourville & J Grueger & S Sullivan)
- Workshop on RS, Opportunities, Pitfalls, Modeling (O Ethgen, U Staginnus)
- Workshop from UBC (with J Caro)
- Issure Panel (with M Drummond)

Here is the link for the program. Hope to see many of you at our workshop.

Happy holidays!

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