Abacus International is launching a website summerizing NICE reviews

Abacus International is delighted to announce the launch http://www.HTAinSite.com

HTAinSite contains a summary of the clinical and cost effectiveness evidence base reviewed by NICE along with headline recommendations. Quickly find previous guidance with a search engine, review statistical summary of approval rates and factors that affect them, print reports containing primary headline guidance for each TA and product and much, much more.

This project is the result of collaboration between Abacus International, OHE and City University.


1) Saves considerable time and effort. It has key data on each appraisal in one place making searching for information such as clinical data or cost effectiveness very fast, accessible and clear

2) Can compare your selected TAs. It can present the details of several appraisals alongside each other so that direct comparisons can be made quickly and easily

3) Has statistical reports. View statistics on recommendation by product, BNF category, assessment group, patient group and process, appeals by outcome and assessments by technology type

4) Can search for TAs using key words. It is not possible to search the NICE website for certain types of information using key words, for example appeal outcomes, whereas HTAinSite has this capability

5) Is published NICE technology appraisal specific. It has the direct advantage of only holding information on the technology appraisals NICE has published rather than information on all the work NICE is involved in. As a result, the search facility in HTAinSite is focused on the information contained within these appraisals and will give more relevant and accurate results

6) Holds information that is no longer available on the NICE website. For example, following a review of an appraisal (which is therefore replaced by a new piece of guidance) the documents relating to the original appraisal are removed from the NICE website. HTAinSite retains this information perhaps giving a more complete view of the issues for a particular disease area or product

Visit http://www.HTAinSite.com to view sample reports and subscribe.

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