New short course - economic evaluation for health technology - Brazil

Location: Porto Alegre , Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Dates: 13-14 January 2009
Venue: University of Rio Grande do Sul (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)
Course Organizers: Prof. Dr. Marcia Regina Godoy, Prof. Dr. Giacomo Balbinotto Neto, Prof. Dr. Ricardo Letizia Garcia
Language: Portuguese

Intended Audience:

Anyone undertaking or managing of health technology assessment, including in the context of cost-effectiveness analysis

The University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) is pleased to announce the short course "Economic Evaluation for Health Tecnology".

The short course will provide:

Background information on the theoretical basis for, & application of economic evaluation for health technology
a practical guide to data input, data analysis, and the interpretation of studies of health tecnology assessment (HTA) and economic evaluation for health tecnology
An overview of methodological issues and recent developments in the application of HTA

This short course will provide an opportunity for those interested in the application of HTA to discuss both practical and theoretical issues raised when applying the method. The short course will include group work sessions with feedback. No knowledge of economics or HTA is assumed

Contact us
If you would like to be considered for enrolment or would like to ask any questions regarding this short course, please send your e-mail to Claudia Gomes - claug@ufrgs.br

Home page: http://www.ppge.ufrgs.br/ats/minicurso.php

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