Pharma 2020

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published a report: Pharma 2020: The vision: Which path will you take?

PWC indicates that the current pharmaceutical industry business model is both economically unsustainable and operationally incapable of acting quickly enough to produce the types of innovative treatments demanded by global markets. In order to make the most of these future growth opportunities, the industry must fundamentally change the way it operates.

Some of the major changes PwC anticipates for the industry are:

- Health care will shift in focus from treatment to prevention.
- Pharmaceutical companies will provide total health care packages.
- The current linear phase research & development process will give way to in-life testing and live licensing, in collaboration with regulators and health care providers.
- The traditional blockbuster sales model will disappear.
- The supply chain function will become revenue generating as it becomes integral to the health care package and enables access to new channels.
- More sophisticated direct-to-consumer distribution channels will diminish the role of wholesalers.

You can download the pdf of the report at their website.

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