German IQWIG publishes presentations from the fall symposium on cost-benefit assessments of pharmaceuticals

The German IQWIG has published the presentations from the fall symposium.
To access the files click here. The talks on costing methods and modeling are unfortunately in German only.

Please find a list of the available speeches on the IQWIG website below:

Prof. Dr. med. Peter T. Sawicki, Welcome (German)
PD Dr. med. Peter Kolominsky-Rabas MBA, Process of the methods development (German)
Prof. J. Jaime Caro (MDCM, FRCPC, FACP), Methodological foundation of the Efficiency Frontier concept
Prof. David Henry (MBChB, MRCP, FRCP), How decision makers will view the proposed methods and how they will use it
Dr. Erik Nord, Why QALYs need replacement
PD Dr. med. Dr. rer. pol. Afschin Gandjour MBA, Cost estimation in IQWiG's cost-benefit assessment (German)
Prof. Dr. Uwe Siebert MPH, MSc, Modelling in IQWiG's cost-benefit assessment (German)
Prof. Alistair McGuire, Budget Impact Analysis (BIA) and how the proposed methods could control health care expenditures
Prof. Dr. med. Peter T. Sawicki, Summary and next steps (German)

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