German IQWIG: New Methods for Cost-benefit assessment of pharmaceuticals published

Now the new assessment methods are finally out. Everyone was waiting to find out what was going to happen in Germany with the additional mandate of IQWIG (Institute for qality and efficiency in the healthcare system) to assess the cost-benefit relation of new pharmaceuticals. The main points of the new methods are:
- cost-effectiveness/benefit assessments will only be disease-specific
- price (price cut-off point) is dependent on existing competitors and incremental "effect"
- there is apparently no discussion about thresholds, such as QALYs etc.
- assessment will be supplemented by budget-impact analysis

For an English version of the method paper, click here.

I am certain there will be lots of discussions among all stakeholders and it remains to be seen how that turns out in Germany. I will be posting the upcoming news on the matter, stay tuned!


frankandhonest said...

Hi Ulf,
I just want to point you to a recent comment on the discussed IQWiG Paper by 29 mainly academic German health economists. They were very critical of that proposal and judged it to be extremly flawed and methodologically insufficient. This response is unfortunately not available in English but all who know som German may access it on the net.

ustaginnus@hotmail.com said...

Thanks for the link! will post it.